G. Charles Andersen, M.A.

(Taken From Introduction to The Global Knowledge Economy)

Air, food and water are essential to human life. The fundamental point of civilization is the assurance that people have access to these essentials. Shelter, health care and security are also necessary, but to a slightly lesser degree. Human organization, at the most fundamental level is about sustaining the ongoing flow of these vital elements. The idea of exchanging goods and services to maintain the flow of essentials is the underlying basis of economics. This has been so for probably seven thousand years, or more.

Along the way, value began to be attributed to things that were not directly involved in the exchange of essentials. Labor and objects, such as gold or stones, acquired a sense of value because they were desired or useful, not for their intrinsic worth for directly sustaining life, but for a more abstract "mythic" reason. For a great deal of human history, the mythic value of precious metals, gems and other objects became obscured. Over time, they became imbued with intrinsic worth, despite the fact that one cannot eat them. Belief in value has always been, and will continue to be, the basis of economics. Laborers have almost always been viewed as a type of object, with widely varying value.

In 1971, when the United States went off of the gold standard, acknowledgement of the power of belief was ratified. American currency is now backed by the full faith in credit of the United States of America, not gold or silver. A dollar is worth a dollar, because belief says that it is so. Value, in the world today, is established by traders of currency, un-backed by anything but belief. Many people have difficulty with this concept.

Welcome to the world of Mythonomics. The "world" doesn't work the way it's "supposed" to. So, then how does it actually work? That's the primary thesis of this website and the endeavors behind it. Hopefully, with the help of the Insight Maps provided, you will begin to grasp the concepts. If you have any questions, drop us a note.


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